My story by Kathy Andersen

With a journey of a background in Design and textiles with vast experience in both of these arenas, I now reach a new chapter where I do what I love! This is to create products from textiles, items that are appealing, and practical. 

My passion is textiles, in particular linen and cotton. I use mostly natural fibres, so sustainable where possible. The unique factor comes with the expression of the print design and colourway. This enables me to personalize your gift selection so the recipient  receives a more unique gift. I make just a few products in each print design, so never mass produce. 

I have created and handmade items since my childhood, so now with all of this experience I can share it with you, my customer. It is now about living in a slower way, and enjoying every day of selecting textiles, sewing and wrapping up your gift to send to you. Authentic gifts!