I Pad Accessories

Enjoy relaxing, arms free, with an IPad Accessory pillow. It acts like a mini bean bag , so readily positioned for comfort. Either recline on the sofa or sit upright at a desk or table.

This Multipurpose pillow can also be used for mobiles, I Pads, E- Readers, Tablets, and books. A recipe on an Ipad pillow is great on the kitchen bench when referring to a recipe; great visibility and no mess over the recipe. 

The IPad pillow suits all ages and can be personalized by selecting a suitable textile print to suit the recipient. The textiles used to make these pillows are all of quality and mostly natural fibres of linen and cotton, so sustainable. I do not use synthetics as they don't break down the same and are not natural to handle. All products are made by myself; I make just a few in each print and never mass produce. I Pad Accessories. Book Accessories.

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