Infinity Scarves

Make your life easier wearing an Infinity Scarf with a twist!  An Infinity scarf is circular, but during making, a twist is added; this allows the scarf to sit stylishly. Be free of a scarf that moves and falls off!  I love this form of a scarf and have experimented a lot to achieve the best outcome for you, the wearer. 

I hand make these scarves in beautiful quality textiles sourced from all around the world. I do not mass produce any of my products, so just a few of each or sometimes just one!

All of my efforts create a unique and personalized gift, to give either to a dear friend or family member. A scarf is also very easy to post. I gift wrap in cellophane and a bow to make life easy for you. I can also arrange with you direct sending as a gift if you are short of time. Please get in touch for re any queries that you may have. I am here to help and give you a unique experience in textiles, handmaking and products combined with top service.