A word from Kathy!

Welcome to my Blog which is just starting out!

However, as my store evolves I would love to share with you updates about new products coming, and also share some of my experience in the world of Textiles and Design.  This will initially be in the form of tips around textiles and design. 

First of all, so that you can get to know me, you may wonder how Handmade gifts nz came about? I have always been a creative person when it comes to products in relation to textiles. I am a totally passionate textile lover and I also sew. 

Through my adult years I have been passionate not only about textiles but also  travel !  Travel and design go hand in hand; to travel is to open the eyes in the most amazing way... so do remember to keep your eyes open and have a camera with you/mobile camera. I spent 8 years, many years ago, working for Air New Zealand as cabin crew.  I loved it as a means to see the world and certainly did. I will speak more specifically about this in  later blogs. Even during this time I still wanted to create with textiles...

Back soon;)

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